We turn boring data into compelling stories

Whether it’s a category review, business plan, sell sheet, custom reporting system or infographic, we help you stand apart from the competitors. We use a collaborative approach during our consultative session to uncover your key business issues and opportunities, then work to deliver solutions that meet your needs and improve your financial performance.

Category Management Services
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Shopper-centric category management

We start with traditional category management data, then overlay shopper insights to provide a holistic view of shopper behavior.

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Customer specific category loyalty programs

Enhance your understanding of the shopper’s purchase dynamics, product incrementaliy and store-level performance.

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Merchandising architecture services

We are experts in providing completely integrated solutions–from store layout to data analysis.

Process + Design
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SMART consultative engagement session

A collaborative approach to uncovering client’s key business issues. 

Open storybook with graphs and piecharts floating out of the pages

SMART helps tell your story

Tell your story through impactful creative visuals for buyers, distributors or stakeholders. 

Application Design + Reporting
Women with hand on keyboard looking at computer screen. Screen has SMARdock spreadsheet

Use SMARTdock2.0 for customizable reports

Web-based applications that allow clients to access customer specific data in easy-to-use, customizable reports

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Keep your activities OnTrack, powered by SMART

A comprehensive communication portal to inform vendors of important activities throughout the category review process.

Market Research + Insights
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SMARTgauge: Fast answers to your specific business question

This fast and affordable survey provides direction to one specific business question without breaking the bank.

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Snapshot: Quick feedback to guide decisions

Quickly assess how people will respond to a marketing idea; react to a name, visual or theme; and understand what will resonate positively with your buyers.

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Path-to-Purchase: Custom survey maps shopper journey

Helps your business understand the relevant points of influence along the shopper’s purchase journey.

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In-store intercepts: Onsite interviews with shoppers

Interviews conducted in-store with shoppers at a targeted location. Ideal for impulse purchases and understanding what motivates the shopper to buy.

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ShopperCast: Custom survey + shopper videos

SMART ShopperCast provides videos of targeted shoppers paired with a SMARTgauge survey to provide quantitative findings.

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Shopper consideration path + aisle flow assessment

Assesses your shoppers’ key decisions in aisle and provides insight into the attributes that influence them to purchase.

Shopper looking at a product holding a shopping basket in a grocery aisle

PriceGauge: Find your ideal pricing strategy

Determine what product claims contribute the most value to your product’s price. Learn why price range offers the highest potential profit without turning away buyers.