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Cherries Aren't Just for Pies Anymore

Post Date: Friday, Jul 6, 2018

So…it’s been awhile. You’ve inevitably missed our updates from your life for quite some time now, and wondered if we’d ever return. Today is your lucky day - we’re back. To kick off our 2018 SMART sharing, we are scratching the surface of a tart cherry trend.

Why tart cherries, you ask? As we proceeded down the road of all things summer, we were seeing a pretty significant trend in the fact that “cherries” is a large growing category across the US compared to last year. Which makes sense. After all – it’s summer. And cherry season is in, well, the summer. We couldn’t stop there. The insatiable analyst inside of us simply had to see what else could be driving this growth! It was on this quest that we discovered tart cherries as a pretty hot trend right now.

Jumping on the “superfood” bandwagon, tart cherries are seemingly moving up the ranks similarly to acai and blueberries – providing folks with functional benefits galore. We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it again, that consumers definition and approach to health is evolving. Consumers are looking for food to do double-duty – not only satisfying their hunger or thirst, but also to provide added benefits. CPG companies should consider incorporating functional ingredients (or leveraging potential claims from existing ingredients) in their products to appeal to consumers – on the double!


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