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The Five Pillars of SMART

We source our in-house specialists in each area to empower our Clients to make business decisions that are better, stronger and SMARTer.

Strategic Business Consulting

Build Innovative and Actionable Business Plans for Customers and Clients

>>> What We Do:

SMART knows you can’t build solutions until you truly understand the problems. Through intimate consultative sessions, we dive into key business issues and map out a customized approach to overcome each barrier. Turning issues into opportunities, SMART activates a series of targeted short and long term strategies that are as analytical as they are creative.

Our Strategic Business Consulting Process sets the stage for each new business relationship. What’s uncovered here will determine the right mix of our team’s specialized services to bring each strategy to life.

>>> How We Do It: 

Market Research

Customized Market Research + Consumer Insights Solutions

>>> What We Do: 

SMART's agile Market Research offering includes both primary and secondary research services. Our strength lies within our ability to leverage our industry experience, complemented by our major investment in syndicated data.

>>>How We Do it: Utilizing our national shopper panel, we pose tactical questions to a targeted audience and derive meaningful consumer insights that help guide business strategies.

Consumer-centric Category Management

Converting 'Big Data' into 'Big Impact' with Integration of Consumer Insights

>>>What We Do:

With SMART, data-driven storytelling is anything but dull. Using an industry leading toolbox and data library, our CPG category professionals swiftly sort numbers, uncovering key concerns and patterns that influence sales.

A data point alone does not equal an insight. That’s why we integrate our sales data with powerful consumer insights that result in dynamic implications to drive your business.

>>> How We Do It: 

Custom Application Design + Programming

Custom Data and Analytical Solutions to Solve Business Problems and Improve Decision Making

>>> What We Do:

Our skilled "big data" programmers identify inefficiencies with existing reporting and other business management practices and create custom reporting platforms to synchronize data and planogram performance measures.

And the result? A more comprehensive and effective reporting process that improves decision making and communication between business divisions.

>>> How We Do It:

Merchandising Architecture

Completely Integrated Merchandising Solutions - from Store Layout Capture to Data Analysis.

>>> What We Do:

Beyond traditional space management, our skilled Schematic Architects are deeply imbedded in each merchandising strategy. We work with Clients to provide recommendations that range from department layouts to aisle adjacencies to category configuration based on consumer preference.

....Any SMART Schematic Architect will tell you: When you’ve hit a dead end, just look for new space.

>>> How We Do It: