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Everyone Who's Anyone is Talking About the Millennials.

The term "Millennial" has become so ubiqutous in conversation that we naively assume we're all experts on what makes them tick.

But we've forgetten one very important thing.

The Millennial generation is'nt one convenient, motionless cluster. Rather, it's an ever-changing and maturing demographic heavily influenced by rapid transitions through various life stages. With new-found independence, college, family planning, today's young adults face more milestones in a short period of time than any other demographic. As our media channels and retail landscape grow increasingly digitized, Millennials serve as guinea pigs coming of age in a data-driven world, facilitating insights that as as transparent as they are perplexing. 


Natural and Organic Food Purchases Grow with Financial Security

As shoppers have become more aware of health concious choices, their interest in natural and organic food has rapidly grown.

Kantar reports the organic and natural industry is estimated to reach $61.2 billion by 2015. The Millennial generation will have the most impact on this expanding segment, with True Organic Millennial Shoppers (TOMS) leading the pack. SMARTeam has identified TOMS as Millennial consumers who are always wlling to pay more for at least some natural and organic food products. tracking and targeting these shoppers will help business win their allegiance.
Many Millennials become TOMS as they advance in their careers, gain higher incomes, start families and have the financial ablilty to be pickier about the quality of foods they choose for themselves and their families.



SMART Introduces an Innovative Market Research Offering of Path to Purchase Shopper Journey

The State of the Instant Potato Category

With declining sales and a stagnant consumer base, the Instant Potatoes industry needs to better align marketing mixes with shopper expectations.Understanding the consumer and how they shop is critical in finding ways to connect. A detailed and relevant model of the shopper’s purchase journey provides better opportunities for targeted interception points. 


SMART in the Press

SMART Market Research Division Helps Idahoan Foods Achieve Progressive Grocer’s 2015 Category Captain Award for Canned & Packaged Foods

This year, SMART'S Market Research division helped Idahoan Foods, a share leader in the dehydrated potatoes category, to create a robust path-to-purchase study that tracked decision points that affect how/why consumers purchase Instant Potatoes. These new learnings inspired decision makers at Idahoan to create in-store perimeter meal solutions that encourage basket building and give the category exposure in high-traffic areas. Additionally, this new strategy has played a substantial role in Idahoan’s sales and household penetration growth this past year. 

Congratulations to Idahoan! SMART is proud to partner with such an innovative category leader!



Sealing the Deal

Summer is in full swing - birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and it just so happens that everyone you know is getting married.

Welcome to summer time. Home of the bride and land of the open bar.

Much like your summer of weddings, this post is the first of a three-part series uncovering top trends for loving couples and their big day. You may have already noticed that the season of love looks a little different today than it did 20 years ago, many thanks going to Pinterest and – yep, you guessed it – Millennials.

The dominance of digital and Millennials’ need to be unique transformed the wedding industry, creating the “non-tradition.” 2016 couples want to be at the forefront of bridal trends, crafting an unforgettable experience for their guests and pin-worthy ideas for their followers.

RSVP (including your favorite dance song, of course) and join SMART to take a walk on the wedding side.  


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