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SMARTInsights :   June 2017

All for Slime + Slime for All

There’s a new viral Internet craft craze in town, just in time for summer, causing a glue shortage. Slime, a colorful paste made out of glue, borax, and food coloring, has consumed tweens and is causing liquid glue sales to skyrocket. Shelves of major retailers are being left empty as parents buy out stocks for crafts that can use up to 20 bottles a month.

For Millennials of a certain age, the word “slime” conjures up visuals of Nickelodeon’s liquid green goo dumped on unsuspecting celebrities. These craft-obsessed kids are creating slime of a much different consistency. Today’s slime is more similar to Gak or Flubber, popular rubbery toy concoctions sold in the 1990s.

Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest are full of recipes, tutorials, and derivations on how to make the colorful craft. Accounts dedicated to slime videos are in abundance on Instagram, most of them run by teenage girls. Some accounts even sell their intricate slime creations directly through Instagram or on handicraft retailer, Etsy.

Because of this craze, liquid glue sales have been soaring since July 2016. Similar to the adult coloring book fad in 2015 that caused sales of colored pencils to skyrocket, stores are having a hard time keeping glue on shelves.

Whatever will kids think up next?


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